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“Step out of the spiritual closet and into your role as a powerful lightworker.”

You’ve had flashes of realization that you can do better, be happier, be more satisfied with your life, your career, your relationships! You have imagined manifesting your gifts and talents to create a consistent and happy life! You have entertained some of your dreams and seen glimmers of your potential!

But these moments are fleeting.

You drop back into your current – less satisfying – life.
You resign yourself to settling again.
You tune your inner voice out.
You pretend not to notice how you really feel – frustrated, empty, lost.

All the while that quiet, consistent voice keeps telling you,…

“There is something more!
You can realize your dreams!
You just need to listen and take action.”

But you ask yourself,…

“How do I move from this okay life to an extraordinary one?”

That is where our work together comes in.

In our sessions, I will help you navigate from mediocre and unsatisfying, from angst and emptiness, from feeling confined and frustrated, to building a life that reflects your dreams and your potential.

You can have a life aligned with your life purpose!

By successfully blending psychology and spirituality, I help you learn to feel fulfilled, spiritually connected, engaged, purposeful, happy, free, and centered. I teach you how to maintain this yourself, for the long term. This becomes the new you. Happy, fulfilled and free.

Enjoying living your purpose.

Enjoying healthy and satisfying relationships.

Enjoying your work which reflects your passion.

You are someone who:

  • is a helper
  • questions things
  • feels there is more to life than what you see
  • cares about others – sometimes too much
  • is a seeker
  • has dreams of your own
  • is a yes person
  • has been called “too sensitive”
  • wants more to life
  • would like the world to be a better place
  • wants more magic in life

“No more holding back. Let your light shine. Live the life you were meant to live!” ~ Tracy Kenline


Working with Tracy has changed my life and how I see myself. I am confident in my decisions, and I’m living the life I want to live. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am able to maintain it. I use Tracy’s tools daily.

— Hannah M, Fitness Instructor


Since working with Tracy, I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel a deeper and more meaningful connection with my own soul and with those around me.

— Alicia.W, Pharmacist