My Philosophy

My philosophy, which is based on my life long studies, as well as my own life experience, is that we all have the capability to feel happy and abundant.

Unfortunately, mainstream society is currently set up in a way that does not support happiness.

Learning to Cultivate Our Inner Voice

We are taught only to chase things outside of ourselves for success, validation, happiness and life satisfaction. We do not learn how to cultivate and draw upon a consistent connection from within ourselves as our primary source of fulfillment.

When we feel depressed, isolated, anxious, or empty, we may believe it is our fault. In most cases, it is not our fault that we feel this way. It is usually because we have not been taught how to honor our inner voice and make life decisions from our heart.

Creating Space to Connect with Yourself

Many people decide to start therapy, because they are fed up with their symptoms of emotional distress, unhappy relationships or work life. I believe that many of these symptoms can be a result of living in a culture which does not allow space to connect with yourself and others in a meaningful way.

An achievement driven culture does not allow for an abundance of time, experiences and meaningful connection. You live your life as if it is a commodity or product. This results in feelings of emptiness, anxiety, and harsh self-judgement regarding your perceived status and position.

Learning to Listen

When we learn how to listen to our inner guidance and make life choices that reflect this, our lives become so much more satisfying!

Through my studies in Positive Psychology, as well as my practice with meditation, visualization and manifesting, I have learned how to live a lifestyle which supports unconditional happiness.

The daily choices I make honor myself, honor others, and honor the consciousness of all things. Choosing to live like this, allows me the space to relax, and as a result, for my heart to stay open. With my heart open I am in tune with my wisdom, and I can make optimal life choices.

When we are young children, our hearts are open naturally, but as we grow up in various harsh situations, we close our heart or put up walls around it. As a result, we feel a deficit and an emptiness inside, that nothing external can consistently fulfill.

We become cut off from an unconditional source of love, from our inner voice, our dreams and life purpose. We find ways to cope in order to fill this emptiness and soothe our symptoms of angst or sadness. These coping skills we use, like workaholism or codependency, provide fleeting fulfillment.

Positive Psychology & Daily Visualization

Positive Psychology taught me that in all cultures across the world, there are certain factors that support happiness. Things like having meaningful connections with other people of all ages, doing hobbies which bring you into a state of oneness and flow, getting aerobic activity daily, living with a sense of contributing to a greater purpose, and practicing gratitude.

Daily visualization taught me how to become clear about what I truly value, and how to create a life that reflected the true me. As I began to take action steps to build a life that reflected my inner guidance, I began to see results in my career, relationships and my experience of life. My outer life felt aligned with the real me, and it felt great.

Through these practices, I learned how to hear and honor the inner voice. I learned how to make life decisions from my inner knowing instead of making choices based on the advice of other people.

As a result of walking my talk and experiencing long lasting results, I happily and successfully teach these practices to clients.