Hi I’m Tracy,
Welcome to my site.

I have worked for over twenty years as a psychotherapist and have successfully merged my two passions: psychology and spirituality. I have effectively blended clinical education with spiritual tools and intuitive insight.

Like many of my clients, I once felt called to wake up from a status quo life. I was living a life that others approved of, but that was unfulfilling to me. This life looked fine from the outside, but from the inside it was empty and stagnant.

When I was child I was one with my soul, then somewhere along the line, I lost that connection.

As an adult I pursued a typical life, but always felt that something was missing. To fill this void, I received a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Clinical Social Work. I also received certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot Teacher, Meditation and Manifestation Teacher, and a Certified Intuitive.

I trained in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing, and as a Deeksha Giver. Through my studies I was able to reconnect to my soul, and have lived a life of awareness ever since.

After living a fast-paced, urban lifestyle in Chicago and Miami, I moved to Colorado in 2009.

I now enjoy spending time with my children and family, taking walks or going hiking, socializing with friends, listening to podcasts or guided meditations, spending time in the sun, and traveling as much as I can.

In combining intuitive skills with therapy work, I have found client-healing results to be deeper and richer, and to surface much faster.

I have successfully helped clients who feel listless about their lives to wake up to the dreams they’ve been suppressing.

I am passionate about this process and the work that I offer.

I’m excited to work with you.