Individual Therapy

Our sessions are devoted to you, your life, your feelings, your growth, your dreams.

I hope to offer you more than what traditional therapy offers.

Many clients report that they are searching for a therapy setting that not only includes their thoughts and emotions, but also makes a place for their heart and soul.

I want to help you move from feeling disconnected, frustrated or dissatisfied to feeling empowered. I want to help you spread your wings and really fly!

How Can Therapy Help You?

I start by providing a supportive, nonjudgmental space, so you can really be you.

We hone in on what is not working in your life and why. Instead of focusing on what you are doing wrong or what is wrong with you, I help you pinpoint what is not serving you, and I work with you to change what you have control over. I teach you how to release relationships or situations that do not serve your highest good or your growth.

You will learn how to set up and maintain healthy boundaries, so you don’t feel drained.

I help you learn tools for self-care, so that you are in control of how you feel versus being reliant on outside situations to define your feelings about life and yourself. I teach you how to create your ideal life by getting clear about who you are and what you really value.

I support you and provide guidance while you build your new life and new you. I then help you maintain your momentum as you put each piece into place and orient yourself to your new wonderful experiences and to your new life.

Lastly, I help you address new life challenges using your new coping skills and tools, so that you can handle them more efficiently. I will guide you while we work holistically, allowing space for your mind, heart and soul.

We will incorporate grounded tools from psychology with expansive tools like meditation and soul readings.

This journey requires perseverance, but it is can also be fun and exciting! There is nothing more exciting than seeing yourself transform into your ideal self living your ideal life.

How Our Sessions Work

Regular weekly appointments are the most common frequency. As with everything, your consistency and participation yield the best rewards.

Many regular clients report feeling better quickly after they start, because they feel good about taking the step forward to make positive life changes. Also, because they have found a place they feel is a good fit, they can finally open up and share the deeper issues they feel are holding them back.

Most clients report seeing lasting positive changes within 6 months to 1 year. As with anything, the beginning and the middle of your process require the most effort. However, experiencing greater life satisfaction is priceless!