How I Work

First, I start by helping you disentangle from unhealthy relationships, jobs, or other life situations not serving you and work to make these areas of your life healthy again. I teach you how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, to practice self-care, and how to prioritize yourself. These things will help raise your vibration, and empower you to move from a stagnant life into an exciting, fulfilling one.

Second, I will teach you how to self-source. This process involves techniques and tools for filling yourself up so that you are not reliant on external sources.

Third, I will teach you how to create your ideal life. I will help you find clarity about what it is you truly value. Through envisioning methods and taking realistic steps, you will learn how to make your ideal life a reality.

As you move into a space of empowerment and transformation, you will start to feel more “awake.” In the fourth and final stage I will help you re-orient yourself and adjust to this new consciousness. Your external life might take a little longer to change, but your inner world and experience of self will drastically shift. I will guide you through this transition and help you maintain momentum. I will be there every step of the way, helping you to sustain a new, high vibration life!

I use clinical training, psychology training and skills, and healthy ethics during our work together. I also combine intuitive modalities, such as meditation, visualization and oracle or tarot cards, to assist in bringing awareness and insight into your life.