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Treasure Box Coaching Programs™

Positive daily habits to a new You!  

Professional counseling for tweens, teens, and adults who are looking for a new method that is more positive,  effective, and efficient than traditional psychotherapy.

Are you looking for a more positive approach to psychotherapy?

Are you trying to find a method of psychotherapy which successfully blends your personal growth and soul?

Are you looking to transform certain areas of your life?

Would you like support to help you stay on track while you make positive changes?

I would like to help you discover that psychotherapy can be like an empowering, exciting treasure hunt!

What exactly do I mean by a Treasure Hunt?

A Treasure hunt is a journey of discovering tools & techniques (your treasures) to fill your box (your personal program) which leads to a new you and a new life.

Imagine opening your treasure box each day and using gifts especially for you that uplift and nourish you!

You will create your own treasure box filled with skills, practices and simple techniques to inspire you to sustain a more consistent state of wellbeing. This really is possible, and I can teach and guide you through this process.
In our sessions, I will help you choose effective techniques and support you in consistently implementing them with successful results.  

Some examples of tools you can choose include:

  • positive hobbies
  • soothing activities
  • importance of self care
  • guided meditation
  • daily appreciation and happiness lists
  • empathetic communication skills
  • learning to harmonize your heart and mind
  • creating a positive daily schedule
  • refocusing from negative to positive
  • exploring new possibilities
  • identifying limiting beliefs

This doesn't have to be a long or complicated process. Eventually, you will be able to effectively use your treasures everyday on your own. These techniques will help you breathe new life into your relationships, family, work, school, and feel more satisfied with life in general.

Find your treasures and fill up your box!

My specializationsTweens, adolescents and adults who may or may not be going through a difficult time and are interested in using therapy as a supportive tool for self-discovery, self-improvement, spiritual growth 
and self-awareness.

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