Clarity, Guidance, Connect to your Truth.

An Oracle Session with me is all about helping you move closer towards the life you want. Towards more freedom, spreading your wings, living your highest potential and purpose. 

I will support you and guide you there! 

30 minute session - $60

60 minute session - $120

Your personal divine message will come through the beautiful cards I work with, along with my intuition and your engaged participation. I'll be given either pictures, metaphors, imagery or words to guide you towards the best decisions, direction and actions to take. This process cleans up your path, allowing you to see it more clearly and pursue it more efficiently. 

I don't believe in giving you just answers. I believe in helping you understand your question from a higher perspective. I provide clarity and help you hear your heart and soul's voice. From there, you can begin to listen to your own guidance rather than being dependent on external sources for answers.  This process sets you up to be a free and independent human being who feels clear about the life you want and who is confident in making decisions and taking action to create your life! Yay! 

In a session you can expect us to: 

  • build a highway to personal freedom 
  • look at what's in the way of your freedom and happiness
  • understand why it's happening
  • explore how to take the next steps towards freeing yourself
  • find practices and tools to support your new choices

In a reading we can cover any of the following topics:

  • intimate relationships, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends 
  • issues with family members, children, parents or relatives
  • your career, business and passions
  • emotional and psychological challenges
  • your life/divine purpose 

Ultimately you will walk away with clearer insight into the issue(s) you are currently facing, as well as walk away with teachings and personalized practices to support you in moving in the direction of your greatest joy and happiness! 

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