Living From Vision®

If your life was exactly the way you wanted it to be, what would it look like?

How can you create the life you want to live?

Are you living your life or is life living you?

Living From Vision® is a 5 week course that teaches you skills and techniques to create the life you dream of living. It breaks down manifestation techniques into practical daily exercises that help you hone your ability to create your life! This moves you from living reactively to living your life proactively.  

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Living From Vision-Intro
Introduction to Manifesting Successfully

In this course, you will train yourself to use positive habits and life skills that get results. Living From Visions'® exercises are designed to feel like a mental vacation and make you feel good.  They are not designed to feel like a struggle.  

Within the five weeks of this course, you will feel happier, because you will feel more empowered and in control of the life you are creating.  You will experience changes in your life that you are hoping for, and you will most likely be very surprised at the manifestations that you are able to create!

If you would like to know more, please email me, Tracy Kenline, or call 720-495-7741.  

You will learn:
  • How to manifest your visions, goals, wishes
  • How to find and express your personal purpose
  • Step-by-step methods to ensure your goals come to life 
  • How to deal with negative emotions and make them work for you 
  • To develop your creativity
  • How to have the your financial dreams come true 
  • How to develop your emotional and intuitive IQ 
  • To have time for yourself again 
  • To face your fears and make them become your allies 
  • To feel empowered
  • How to develop a higher version of YOU and live it

I will help you by:
  • Holding a 3 hour class, in person, each week, to teach the weekly lesson and its exercises.
  • Provide support to you by answering questions and giving guidance over the course of the 5 weeks.
  • Sharing my knowledge as I am personally coached by Ilona Selke throughout the 5 weeks to ensure quality of the course.

Students Will Be Provided With:
  • The book Wisdom of The Dolphins by Ilona Selke
  • A Daily Planner
  • A Living From Vision® study book
  • 5 Weeks of morning and evening meditations
  • 3 hour, weekly, in person class 

Living From Vision® was written and developed by Ilona Selke, Rod Newton and Don Paris. They have been successfully implementing and teaching these techniques internationally for over 20 years!  They have also trained Living From Vision teachers around the world.  

I have been practicing this method for almost three years on a daily basis, have done the 5 week course three times, and have experienced wonderful emotional, spiritual, and material results in my life.  The lessons have been so inspiring, that I now want to share this method by teaching it to my clients and students!  This is a class that keeps on giving.  Every time you do it, it takes you to another level of ease, skill, and awareness. 

Once again, if you would like to know more or would like to enroll, please email me or call 720-495-7741.  

My personal experience using Living From Vision®:

This class helped me put into practice manifesting skills on a daily basis, which is something I had never done.  The daily repetition was extremely powerful in my acquiring new positive daily habits.  Previously, I had only read books by Esther Hicks, Eckarte Tolle, Joe Vitale and watched the movie The Secret (among many other related books and movies), but I could not maintain the elevated state consistently after I studied the material.  Reading a book did not show me how to practice these skills throughout the day to get the results I wanted in my life.  

For five weeks (I chose to do the course 3 times per year), I used the morning and evening meditations, which required visioning and reviewing my life situations in a guided meditative state.  I also used the daily planner to write out my day from a spiritual to a logistical level.  I loved the weekly class, which helped explain the concepts I was practicing everyday.  

I learned:

  • how to become aware of my internal thoughts and emotional state and how this affects my life   
  • how to change my state quickly in order go from feeling bad to feeling good within seconds  
  • how my feeling state and mental pictures could make things I wanted come together for me.
  • how to take action steps that I enjoyed and that supported the life choices I was enthusiastic about
  • how to maintain a more elevated, yet consistent state

My days began to unfold with more ease, instead of feeling tired or stressed by trying to "figure everything out".  I manifested a new home, a new car, new career ideas that better fit my soul's purpose, more positive relationships, and a richer spiritual connection to Divinity.  I manifested more time in my day to meditate, do yoga, and work on my new projects by envisioning my manifestation choices every morning.  I feel so much more in control of my life now, because I am now creating my life from my intended choices and by preenvisioning them daily!  

The beauty of the course is that your choices can range from the material (a new car) to the emotional (a better relationship) to the spiritual (a deeper spiritual experience).  You decide and then watch as your life unfolds!  This course balances all of the manifestation steps - visioning, feeling and receiving.


 "Devote yourself to the highest.  When you can discipline your mind and emotions and focus them with clarity and intent, you will manifest with power and wisdom."  Diana Cooper 
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