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Are you looking for someone who who is well-versed in providing professional counseling services for children, teens, and adults? 

Have schools or others told you that your child's behavior is causing them social or academic problems?

Is your child, teen, or family going through a transition such as divorce, death of a loved one, or remarriage?

Are you experiencing sadness, anxiety, or difficulty concentrating due to life stresses such as divorce, job loss, or relationship difficulties?

Are you looking for a qualified therapist who provides afternoon and evening hours to fit you and your family's busy schedule?

At Whole Life Counseling Center, Tracy Kenline, LCSW, specializes in providing professional and compassionate psychotherapy services for children, adolescents, parents, and adults. 

Tracy has over 15 years experience working with children, adolescents and parents in school, agency, hospital, and private practice settings.  She uses developmentally appropriate techniques for kids and teens such as art and play therapy, behavior and thoughts awareness, as well as  coping skills training.  Tracy has a genuine enjoyment of children and is able to translate psychotherapy techniques in a way children can relate to and also enjoy!

Tracy has several years experience working with families going through divorce and remarriage.  She works with families and children to understand how the developmental stages of divorce and remarriage affect all family members.  Many families are unaware of the complexity of these processes and become overwhelmed, often wondering if there is something wrong with them, or wondering if they are doing things "right".  Families who are remarrying with children need extra assistance to navigate this complex process.  Tracy does not, however, specialize in working with court involved, high conflict, divorce cases.

Tracy works with adults who are experiencing a major life transition or life stressor that is affecting them.  She helps them  to explore their current situation, what has brought them there, and make lasting changes to address their situation.  This involves providing support, insight, reflection and teaching coping techniques and relationship skills that allow for more life fulfillment. 
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